Warning Signs of a Potentially Abusive Person


Project for Victims of Family Violence, Fayetteville Arkansas

Cited in Deseret News, January 18th, 2000


$   A push for quick involvement

$   Jealousy

$   Controlling

$   Unrealistic expectations

$   Demands isolation from others

$   Blames others for problems and mistakes

$   Makes everyone else responsible for his [or her] feelings

$   Hypersensitivity

$   Cruelty to animals and to children

$   “Playful” use of force during sex

$   Verbal abuse

$   Overly Rigid sex roles

$   Sudden mood swings

$   Past battering

$   Threats of violence


If you are dating/courting someone and these kinds of characteristics are present in the other person (one in an extreme and/or several in high amounts), it would be wise to exercise great caution in proceeding toward engagement or marriage.  People can obtain spiritual and professional help to overcome the effects of their upbringing, moderate their temperament, modify their character, and improve or heal their relational patterns.  But without this type of change, someone who marries a person who manifests the above types of characteristics places themselves at great risk.