Geneva 1999:  Youth Declaration 


WHEREAS we the youth delegates at this World Congress of Families II place our trust in God and His Guidance in our deliberations; therefore

WE DECLARE that the natural family is the fundamental social unit, centered on the lawful lifelong covenant between a consenting man and woman, who take upon themselves the responsibility and commitment to create an atmosphere of love, respect, security, trust, and happiness, providing for the full physical and emotional development of children. Men and women have unique and complementary roles which are essential to the marriage and family; and

WE DECLARE that life is sacred. Thus, it is the duty of families, communities, and governments to protect and maintain its sanctity; and

WE DECLARE that in order to foster a loving home environment and transfer moral and social values and virtues to their children, parents have a divine responsibility and right to direct the physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth of their children.  Children have a responsibility, privilege, and right to honor, respect, and support their parents in the development of a loving home environment where each individual family member is nurtured. All programs, products, and services provided by media and other social institutions are to assist parents in their divine responsibility for their children’s development and are not to infringe upon parents’ inherent right to rear their family according to the dictates of their conscience; and 

WE DECLARE that breaking the sacred bonds of the natural family leads to its deterioration. When these bonds are broken by such influences as divorce, premarital or extramarital sexual relationships, destructive media, pornography, substance abuse, and physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, the family will be hindered from fulfilling its purpose; and

WE DECLARE that families, communities, and governments can successfully preserve the natural family.  It is incumbent upon all people everywhere to place highest priority on protecting and promoting the rights and responsibilities of the natural family as the foundation of society.